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Thread: Non-stop BFing after work

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    Default Non-stop BFing after work

    When I am off work, it seems that all DD wants to do is BF. Each feeding last for a minimum of 45 minutes. The average last 1.5 hours. Now don't get me wrong, I love BFing. But that is all she wants to do and she has been like this since day one. I thought that as she got older, she wouldn't want to nurse as long. She has been having a lot of seperation anxiety lately and I know she does a lot of comfort nursing. I am ok with that. But when she is hungry, she takes her time. She has to pause, look at my face, look at daddy, look around the room, and sometimes she pulls off everytime she swallows . Will this go on forever? BFing is great but I feel like that is all we do. If I am around, she wants a boob in her mouth! If she starts playing around too much, I take her off for a minute, let her play, then we try it again. But it is taking hours for her to fill her belly. I love the fact that she wants to bond & I am ok with that, but I am getting sore. Any advice or will she always be a gourmet eater?

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    I see two things happening here. One is that at this age, it is hard for them to sit still to eat bc everything is a distraction. That will pass with time if you are lucky. The other thing is reverse cycling. It is a phenomenon that has been largely documented among women who spend time outside the home. Basically all it means is that they don't eat too much when you're not home and then they make up for it when you are home. Some women even report that in their absence, they do not produce as much milk as they do when they are at home. My son does this and it actually works well for us- it means less pumping for me, and lots of cuddling time for him when i get home and all night long.

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    MariElizabeth said it best. It's actually very normal.

    If you feel that feedings are taking so long because her belly isn't getting full, consider eliminating distractions (tv, lights, toys, etc) as much as possible. You can also try breast compressions whenever her suckling/swallowing slows down, this will encourage her to eat, and help fill her up.
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    My lo does this too. It does get better. Not a whole lot. I feel like I nurse every hour on the hour some nights, but I do get a break here and there. Now that the weather is nice, I find that taking walks with the stroller provide enough of a distraction that, when we get home, she is ready to get serious about nursing.

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