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    I'm seriously considering going back to work one day a week. I've been offered a weekend shift at my old job, which would be perfect because my husband will be home with the kids - and the extra money would be so great. My son is almost a year old - and eating solids well. He still does nurse a lot though - and I'm not sure if I'll need to pump for the eight hours I'm gone. I think he'll be okay without nursing, because he'll eat everything and does well with milk, juice, and water. But if I don't pump, will that mean that my supply will be all messed up for the rest of the week? Or should I plan on pumping (even though I think he'll be okay without breastmilk) just to maintain supply. He's gone for several hours before without nursing - but we aren't really close to weaning.

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    That is a tough call, you could probably swing it. You would probably be more uncomfortable than anything. Can you hand express?

    At about a year, maybe 15 months I quit pumping. When I am hoem Em nurses all day and my supply seems to fluctuate. On Mondays when I get home from work I am ready to pop. And she doesn't seem to mind when I am not as full on Fridays, my first full day home for the week.

    Have you pumped in the past? Would it be inconvenient?
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    I pumped with my daughter (almost five years ago :-). I haven't pumped for Sam because I've been home with him. The more I think about it - I probably will pump. Even though he doesn't need the breastmilk (I think mostly the biggest problem for him is going to be not nursing to sleep for the naps while I'm at work), I'll feel better knowing that he's got it as an option.

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    You might also find that you're feeling engorged if you go all eight hours without expressing milk or feeding the baby. Maybe handexpressing or pumping, just enough to relieve the engorgement, will help.

    If you aren't removing milk from your breasts while you're working, your supply should be fine the rest of the week, when you are with your baby.
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