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Thread: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

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    Default anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    while i was in the hospital on bedrest we found out that i have gall stones. I was told that I need to have my gallbladder removed 6 weeks after I gave birth. well this friday Madison will be 3 weeks old and I go meet with the surgeon on tuesday to possibly schedule the suregery for in a couple of weeks. My thing is I know it'll be a lapo surgery so it shouldn't be too too bad on me but I'm worried about the anestesia and bf'ing. Do I need to pump and dump the day of surgery? Also what if I have to take pain meds the day of and after surgery should I bf then also or try to give her a bottle of pumped milk?Any info is appreciated.

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    Default Re: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    Talk to your anesthesiologist. You'll need to pump something for while you're away from your baby. Usually, by the time you feel OK, it's OK to breastfeed, but it depends upon the drugs you're given.

    I had surgery last year while I was bfing. They told me 12 hours that I had to wait (no pumping and dumping). I made it 11 hours before my little guy couldn't take any more! He was fine.

    Good luck with your surgery.

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    Default Re: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    Here's a great place to start to get info:

    I needed to have a dental procedure that required sedation - I told my dentist that I was BF and that I needed a list of EVERY medication he was planning to use during the procedure and for pain management afterwards.

    I looked up the meds on kellymom.com, and looked them up in a copy of Dr. Hale's book "Medications and Mothers' Milk" (that I checked out of my local library), and talked with the lactation consultants at the hospital where I delivered DS to come up with a specific plan for me & DS.

    For the drugs I had - I pump & dumped one time. I pumped right before the procedure (in the car on the way to the dentist!) to start with empty breasts.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    I made a post very much like this when I had to have some minor surgery. Some people said it would be fine to bf soon after and others said wait 12 hours. I spoke on the phone with an anesthesiologist and they said 12. So I worked pumping to have enough milk for 12 hours. When I got there, she told me no way, 24 hours, she was nursing at the time and had nursed 3 babies prior, so I took her word for it. I trusted that she knew what she was talking about because she had nursed, was nursing, and was in that profession. Now I would think that they could give you something that you wouldn't have to wait so long for, but start stashing milk now and introduce the bottle at 4-6 weeks. IF the baby won't take a bottle, there are other options like syringe feeding. It will be hard for you to recover, and not nurse, etc, so I would recommend getting some help from parents or friends. Best wishes to you!

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    Default Re: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    i had lapro surgery on my kidney last year 6 weeks pp and again at 8 weeks pp and i pumped a few days before so he would have some milk for that day. i think i waited about 12 hours. during that time i did pump and dump so i wouldn't be engorged. Ask your anestesiologist, they can tell you.
    As a side note, when you go in they will ask you to remove all your undergarments- tell them in the OR that you are nursing and they will wrap your chest with like an ace bandage to keep you from A. getting engorged and B. leaking all over. They didn't do it the first time for me and i was a mess...

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    Default Re: anyone had surgery while bf'ing?

    I just found out I have to have my gallbladder removed as well. I kept having the awful attacks and my crazy family told me they were just 'anxiety' from being stressed and a new mom. Well, 10 months later I was sick of being doubled over and many were ending with me vomiting. I knew these weren't anxiety.

    So, I had my annual scheduled and asked my Nurse Mid-wife about it, she said fairly common for pregnant/post-partum women to develop gallbladder problems. She also said, be upfront with the Anesthesiologist, tell them you're nursing and make them aware that you need to pump pronto afterwards. She said abosutlely NO REASON to affect your breastfeeding. She told me to take my pump to the hospital. Pump immediately after the surgery and then dump that. Once you pump the first time you're okay to breastfeed afterwards, much like having a bit too much to drink

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