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Thread: Needling less at night?

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    Default Needling less at night?

    DS is 6 weeks. This week he has been nursing much less over the night. He'll take one side for maybe 10 minutes and then fall back asleep. He has one long 4 hour block of sleep and then goes another 3, nurse, and then back to sleep for 2 hours. I try to wake him to nurse from the second side, but he is just too tired. Should I be waking him, or is this a sign that he is just needing less overnight and may be sleeping more consistantly soon? He nurses every 2 hours during the day-- this week he has been every hour from afternoon to evening -- growth spurt, I think.


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    Default Re: Needling less at night?

    6 weeks is when DS started sleeping for longer blocks at night... due to the fact that he only catnaps for 10-15 minutes during the day... I took this as a blessing =p

    If the outputs are sufficient - I would advise you... never wake a sleeping baby

    Last night my DS slept from 9:30 until 2:30. And i feel soooo rested today even though I did wake up every so often to make sure he was still breathing =p

    Oh and if he is eating VERY often in the evening - it could be because he is 'tanking' up to last him better for longer blocks of time as he sleeps =)

    Of course I noticed the longer he sleeps... the more voracious he is when he wakes hehe
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