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Thread: Sloooow let down...BF Strike??

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    Default Sloooow let down...BF Strike??

    Hi there~
    I seem to be having really slow let down these past few days. My 9 mo. old is trying to hang in there...waiting for the milk for what seems like forever.
    She also is biting me during these frustrating times. I feel so sad when she doesn't get any milk, bites, and crawls away to play.
    When my milk does let down, it is a strong feeling...and in the past months, let down happened so quickly after she would start nursing.
    Why would it be taking a lot longer for my milk to let down? Is this why she is biting me now? She is also teething...and my reactions to her biting are strong as I am in pain. Does anyone have any encouragement or explanation why let down would be changing after 9 mo. of successful breastfeeding??
    thank you~

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    Default Re: Sloooow let down...BF Strike??

    Hmm... I am always puzzled by issues with letdown. It is a hormonally-triggered process, so something of a mystery even to the experts, from what I can tell.

    I wonder if the biting (OUCH!) has set up a kind of reflexive fear/tension response in you? Biting hurts! If she's been biting at the start of a feeding, then your body may be tensing in anticipation of the bite, instead of relaxing in anticipation of good nursing. That response might interfere with letdown, perhaps?

    Could you try manual expression to trigger letdown before she latches? You will also need to deal with the biting, but I should think getting the milk flowing more quickly might help avoid a lot of the biting anyway.


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