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Thread: Questioning Pump Frequency

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    Question Questioning Pump Frequency

    I currently pump 3 times a day at work, about 3-3.5 hours apart (for 2.5 months now). I noticed some of the other pumping moms only pump twice (we have to schedule around each other to get the room).

    Can I go down to only pumping twice? I don’t want to decrease my milk supply. It seems really stable now (never to much or too little). I usually have enough to send to day care for the next day, sometimes a little more to store.

    How many times do you pump at work?

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    I only pump twice. But, I do not get enough for my DD's next day at daycare. So, I have to pump in the evening and morning as well. So, do what works for you. You may be able to keep up the supply, but if not, expect to add another pumping session some other time!

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    Also depends on the age of the baby. When I first went back to work I pumped every three hours but as she started eating solids after a few months, I was able to go down to 2x/day and still have enough for her bottles.

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    Good for you for pumping three times a day at work! You will be able to go to twice a day at some point but it sounds like 3x a day is just perfect for you right now. When my baby was older than yours, maybe 9 months old, I started oocasionally pumping just twice a day, depending on my schedule.

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