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Thread: Won't eat!

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    Default Won't eat!

    I was going to put this in the solid food forum but we're long past the point of solid "introduction" and I need help from moms with older babies/toddlers.

    OK, Lucas has never taken to solids well. It's been a struggle since he started crawling. But now he won't eat at all. This is the 4th day that I have been unable to get ANY solids down him. He spits them all out. He won't even drink his juice (very unusual for him). He's losing weight. I'm nursing him about every 2 hrs during the day (after attempting food). I'm spending my entire day in the kitchen as a short order cook and ending up throwing it all out. He is otherwise acting normal - not feeling ill.

    I night-weaned him 3 wks ago which went very well. BUT, I'm thinking I should go back to nursing around the clock to get some calories in him.

    Where did I go wrong with this solid-food thing? Why won't he eat?!

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    my son was the same way. there have been about 3 distinct weeks that i can remember where he just didn't want anything to do with solids or anything from a cup. i'm sure that those weeks he lost some weight, but then the following week he would make up for it. i'd say keep offering and eventaully he'll start again. if it goes on for a week or so, i'd gethim checked out. in the mean time, if he wakes at night to eat, you can offer him the breast, but i wouldn't wake him to eat. kids are resilient. As long as he's healthy, when he's hungry, he'll let you know!

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    could be he just doesn't feal well. theeth or something, sore throat.
    Kids are all like they they have days when it seams they are living on air.
    Just keep offering good things!
    Are you doing table foods? Sometimes they just want to do it themself!

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