My ds is almost 12 weeks and it still feels like we are having so many problems! Sometimes when he eats, he gulps and I can hear lots of air going into his belly. He then gets very upset and screams if I try to return him to the breast, even after burping and lots of soothing. He'll calm down, but the second I get him near the breast again he'll freak out again. I sometimes have a problem with OALD, but this only seems to be related sometimes. Nursing him when he's sleepy usually works, but if I wait a minute too long until he's fully awake the same thing happens. Is he gulping air because I have him latched on wrong?
The only way I have been getting around this is giving him a pacifier when the screaming starts, which calms him down immediately, and then soothing him into taking a short nap and feeding when he wakes up. However, this kind of cuts down on the number of times he eats per day and I worry he'll be going hungry.
Any thoughts? Thank you!