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Thread: Looking for "proof" for extended breastfeeding?

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    Default Re: Looking for "proof" for extended breastfeeding?

    Yes, I am planning ahead!

    I attended my first LLL meeting last week and loved it! It was wonderful to have other moms going through the same things. I will definitely need the support!

    Katheryn Dettwyler is amazing! I love her writing and the facts - good to show other people who question you!

    thank you!

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    Default Re: Looking for "proof" for extended breastfeeding?

    Congratulations on breastfeeding your child! That is the best thing you can do. My daughter just turned 3 years old and still nurses. She is a happy, healthy, smart girl and I am so happy I've been lucky enough to breastfeed this entire time.
    I agree with previous posts - the La Leche League website is an excellent resource and also provides information about other resources. I highly recommend attending LLL meetings to get support from other breastfeeding mothers! That was the most helpful & supportive thing I did and it really helped make up for the lack of support from other areas, including family & other friends, even friends with babies. I recommend keeping your responses to others (like MIL) short & simple, so use your LLL resources to help you come up with 1 or 2 sentences that explain why you breastfeed and leave it at that. You can even practice them in the mirror or with a friend. It may sound silly but it can really help.
    The good news is that once your child is a little older people will assume you have already weaned and will stop asking. I found that this took the pressure off me from people who were less than supportive.
    good luck!

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