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Thread: what am i eating

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    Default what am i eating

    thats making him gassy?no soy,milk/dairy,leaven prods,caffiene or nuts in my diet...so what could it be?

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    Dairy can "hide". Are you checking all your labels for whey or casien?

    Some people seem to notice gassiness after they eat broccoli or cabbage or beans.

    Babies have very immature digestive systems. Sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with what you ate.
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    Default Re: what am i eating

    italian and mexican food, garlic, onion, oily foods are also known to produce gas in our (and the baby's) tummy.

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    I love veggies, but have had to come to the sad realization that broccoli, beans and potatos are not my friends.

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    Logan is going through a similar gassy period for some reason, and its really annoying during feeding times. He is so gassy and has these explosive poopies when he's BF'ing that he unlatches and cries until the gas is gone.

    I've tried to give him lots of tummy time and burp him, but the gas just keeps a comin'. I might call the Dr. today to see if there is anything I can give him to help alleviate my lil gassy boy.

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