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Thread: Starting milk- which type?

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    Default Starting milk- which type?

    DS is a little over 11 months and we're starting the process of weaning him from bottles of EBM to sippy cups of milk. I WOH full time and am planning to stop pumping soon.

    My question is what are the benefits to using (organic) rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk instead of cow's milk? DS has had both organic vanilla flavored, enriched soy milk and organic vanilla flavored, enriched rice milk and likes both. He's also had a little 2% organic cow's milk by accident and did fine with it. He also has yogurt and cheese with no problems, so I don't think he's allergic at all. I'm just wondering of there is a reason to use one over the other??

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    Default Re: Starting milk- which type?

    If you have no issues with cows milk...you can use that. I would pick organic though, as it has no growth hormones. And use whole milk.

    If you want to use rice milk, soy milk, or almond milk, I think the fat content is much less, and I have spoken with my pediatrician about what to do (son is dairy protein allergic) and he said to just put some omega-3 oil in it.

    It is all up to you!

    Good luck! And congrats to you for pumping for so long! You have given your child a wonderful start in life!


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    Default Re: Starting milk- which type?

    Really, it's just your own personal preference. Human's don't need any milk -- cow's, rice, almond or soy.

    I've personally just transitioned all of my children to cow's milk because that's what we're used to and none of us have allergies to it. But you may choose differently and that's okay! I'd just suggest doing research on all of them first

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