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Thread: How long before weight loss?

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    Default How long before weight loss?

    So if I'm away at work for 6 hours four times a week, and my lo won't take a bottle during that time, will she start loosing weight?
    Will she EVER take a bottle? or just starve herself until I get home?
    Will my Dh loose his sanity during that time? (just kiddin' )
    But seriously, can anyone offer some hope or encouragement??????

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    Default Re: How long before weight loss?

    If she wont take a bottle, maybe your DH could try a cup? or spoon?

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    Default Re: How long before weight loss?


    I agree with the previous poster--depending on her age she may be able to use a sippy or your DH might have luck with a spoon. Sometimes droppers of milk work.

    She may never take any milk while you are gone and might adjust her schedule so that she gets her nutrition straight from the source. She'll really tank up as soon as you get home and might not lose weight. When babies sleep through the night they don't lose weight and this is about the same amount of time.

    Speaking of sleeping she might wake more at night to nurse to make up for going without during the day.

    Good for you for working and BFing!! I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: How long before weight loss?

    My DS did that for a time. I think it lasted about a month and then he started eating well while I was gone. He seems to be starting it up again at 1 year old. Your LO will take a bottle from you, right>? Just not anyone else?

    He didn't really reverse cycle, just ate alot when I got home, so Maybe you will get lucky with your LO as well.

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