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Thread: sucking on just the nipple - suggestions needed

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    Default sucking on just the nipple - suggestions needed

    Hi all,

    I have a 3 week old who insists on just sucking on the nipple, she gets
    plenty of milk but it is painful to me. Any suggestions on how to change
    her latch? She is not tiny so I would think she should be able to have
    a bigger latch. I have 2 older sons who didn't do this, so I'm not sure
    how to handle this issue. We have tried giving her a bottle once a day
    to see if she would adjust, she takes the bottle fine but the next time I
    feed her she is back to her little mouth ways.

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    Default Re: sucking on just the nipple - suggestions needed

    Perhaps she has nipple confusion because of the bottle? She doesn't have to "latch" on with a bottle, so it's easy for her to forget the next time she nurses. Just a thought...

    I would try to re-latch her each time she does it, just to get her back on track. HTH

    Congrats on your new LO!

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    Default Re: sucking on just the nipple - suggestions needed

    Congratulations on your newborn. It can be frustrating when they just clamp down on that nipple.

    I know you said that you have two others that nursed no problem, but every baby's different and we could all use a refresher course. Here's a link to kellymom.com. This helped me a lot in the beginning. Good luck.

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    Default Re: sucking on just the nipple - suggestions needed

    We went through this for 2-3 mo with dd. DS latched on just fine. What I had to do was to open her mouth wider for her and insert more of the areola. When she would slip back I would detach her and relatch correctly. It took awhile, but finally she started latching correctly (since she knew we would detach her when incorrect).
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