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    Hi, I've read other posts where when babies get too distracted to try feeding in a dark quiet room , but with two other children thats not possible until our nighttime feedings. For the past month or so my dd has become increasingly distracted - she'll stop nursing to turn and look at what her brother and sister are doing - or if they're sitting quietly watching TV she'll turn to see whats on TV
    I keep encouraging her back on, which she will nurse for a few minutes, till she turns to look again, or sometimes she'll stop just to start cooing and smiling at me for a few minutes - while its all very cute I want to make sure she is getting enough to eat , especially the hind milk as I've had concerns about her weight gain ( only gained a little over a pound from 4 to 6 months ). When she is distracted I do try and give her 20 - 30 minutes per side to account for the time she's not nursing but with her stopping / starting so much I can't be sure how much she's actually getting - although she does seem satisfied afterwards.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated
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    My 4 mo dd does the same thing--even in a dark quiet room she is distracted by me. Then, about every 3rd feeding, she eats like she is ravenous and can't be distracted for anything. I guess I figure she will eat when she is hungry enough. She gained under 2 lbs between 6 weeks and 4 months, but she looks chubby and healthy, so I guess she is gaining fine. I have heard that weight gain goes in spurts too, so if the ped thinks db is doing okay I would just stay patient!

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