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Thread: Im tired and feel like giving up at times

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    Thank you!!! Yesterday was a good day! I keep on top of her for my schedule to keep going, meaning i woke her from her naps every 2 hours to nurse before she woke up, i think it helped with the fussiness, she was a bit fussy in the evening but i got her down at 11pm and she woke at 245am then i got her down again until 615am we have been using a heating pad to warm her area then we remove it and place her on it... so far its kinda worked not always, then this morning she was up for 2 hours and she nursed both side every hour until i got her down at like 830am she ket waking up would cry abit then close her eyes, this would repeat for 15 min until she fell asleep and so did i again for another 1 1/2 hr..... i think she fights the sleep bad, unless shes completely happy after a feeding... and the gas drop i think help a bit. every day is different nothing is the same

    One question i have is my nipples have been tender, no sores etc maybe some mild brusing from after her nursing marathon the other night. is this normal ?? i have really saggy boob, and at times her nice wideopened mouth slips down and she is starting to get anooying when she sees my finger near to fix it... what to do? when im fuller its fine but when she has nursed til they are soft anf flabby its harder to get a good latch. i even use a rolled up wash cloth under then at times. im currently a 34-36 DD saggy i hate my boobs. I dont look like any of the ladies from my BFing group and when you look at their babies latch it looks alot more comfy then when i look at mine.. make sense?? arg anyways

    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Red face Re: Im tired and feel like giving up at times

    Well I have a little story of my own related to this... my baby is 6 months old, and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with BF.... my son who is now 13 BF'd till he was 3 months, my daugher who is 4 now BF'd till she was 5 months.... and my baby now is still BFing. But right now I am feeling like it is getting time to quite BFing her . I am feeling like it is a chore now. And I certainly don't like that feeling. I truely want to BF her till she is a lil older because @ 6 weeks she was in the hospital with cold... and she was indrawn on her chest. Then @ 7 weeks she ended up getting Bronchitis which was tough because she was in the hospital for 10 days on oxygen and getting poked and probed... that was the longest 10 days ever. I know that there are benefits to BFing her, but I really don't like that feeling of it being a chore...

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