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Thread: When to switch nipples

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    Default When to switch nipples

    I have 5 month old twin boys that get bottles periodically, including the two days a week I work. Originally I was using level one nuk nipples with Dr. Browns bottles. Now they get a mix of nuk nipples and Dr. Browns nipples (standard and wide mouth) but both are still level one. I had issues with one twin prefering the bottle and refusing the breast for a little while, but that seems to have resolved. I am wondering at what point I should switch to a level two nipple. When they nurse, they only take about 10-15 minutes to eat all they want.


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    You probably won't ever need to switch to a level two bottle nipple. After all, the holes in our nipples don't get bigger over time! 10-15min seems like an appropriate time for them to be eating from the bottle. You could just stay on level one nipples until they are weaned from bottles.
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    Thanks! That makes perfect sense to me.

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    I tried keeping my LO on level one until recently, but it was too slow for him. Although our nipple size does not change, their mouth size does so it becomes tiring for them to suck a size 1 at 5 months. Or at least this was the case for my LO.
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    At almost 11 mo, my DS is still using the Avent "newborn" nipples. I don't plan on switching nipples and he'll likely be using the "newborn" nipples until he's done with bottles.
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