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Thread: WE amde it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)

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    Default We made it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)

    Yesterday was Mohamed's first birthday! We had a little picnic with our close family and friends, and several out of towners were able to make it in, so it was a good time. There are some other infants in the family, so people are always comparing them, and I'm happy to say that, for once, I didn't take too much criticism about continuing BFing or cosleeping. I think I've just stuck up for myself so much in the past that now I just get the eye-roll or the "you'll regret it" line.
    One thing that was bothering me, however, was that I just don't know how to approach my cousin. We had babies at the same time, and she is expecting her 3rd in August (so they will be about 14.5 months apart if she goes full term). With her two prvious children, she gave up breastfeeding before ever leaving the hospital, mostly because she is so uncomfortable asking questions or getting help. I want to encourage her this time because there would be so many benefits for her and this 3rd baby! Is it even worth my effort, or should I just let her decide on her own? As background, she always gets gestational diabetes and gains much extra weight, her children all suffer from sometimes severe allergies.

    Thanks for the ideas!
    And woo hoo! to making it past a year and going strong!
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    Default Re: WE amde it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)


    Thats an achivemnt..the hard part is over I guess, I read others say that its much easier after one year mark, so hope it gets better and better.

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    Default Re: WE amde it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)

    this is written more for leaders but maybe you can find some info to help.
    maybe just putting together a list of people to call if she needs help, thats a hard one. The more you push the more turned off she might be.
    offer to take care of the older ones, bring in dinners.
    practical help!

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    Default Re: WE amde it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)

    Congratulations on making it to one year of nursing! Happy Birthday to your LO!

    Have you taken your cousin to a LLL meeting? Maybe seeing lots of other moms nursing and feeling their support might help her.

    Congrats again!
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    Default Re: WE amde it to a year (+ a question about advocacy!)

    if you are known in your circle as the freak who's breastfed too long, you are also known as the one who knows the most about breastfeeding. that's been my experience. it actually saddened me to find out that i was someone's best source of breastfeeding information. I've nly got one kid and no formal education on the matter.

    i joke with my friends that i can help get them started but don't look to me if you want to get them to stop. your cousin knows you can help. just be around when the baby comes and remain humble and open, expressing confidence in her. if she gives up again, then just remember that she's the mom.. and quietly roll your eyes right back.

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