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Thread: Night weening

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    Hello all,

    My dd is now 9 months old and still waking up every two hours to nurse. I am absolutely exausted. I have read about night weening and none of it makes any sence to me. Does any one have any suggestions as to how we can go about this with as little pain as possible" Thank you very much.


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    I really think the "no cry sleep solution" is a great book. It's an easy read, and is great about co-sleeping/not co-sleeping, breastfeeding/bottlefeeding and getting your LO and YOU some sleep. Keep in mind that as milestones happen, your LO might need you and need to nurse (like teething).

    So far things are going well for us, I hope they keep moving in that direction.

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    IS your little one on solids yet?

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