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Thread: baby preferrs bottle

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    Default baby preferrs bottle

    ds has been a big eater since birth. he is 2 1/2 mos old. peditrician suggested i give him a bottle after every feeding. i was hesitant, but he was so hungary i physically couldn't produce enough for him. he now seems to just want the bottle and i am so disappointed. i bf my first child for 2 yrs with no trouble. any suggestions?

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    Just to get away from the bottle as quickly as possible. DS should be able to get your supply where he needs it by nursing more frequently....but you could look into a SNS (supplemental nursing system)..do a search for it, you'll find plenty of info. on here.
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    Hi there
    I'm going to move your question to the Getting Started forum. Here's an article that may help:

    Is your baby taking bottles 100% of the time, or will he still take the breast?

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    he is still taking the breast, but at times he gets frustrated or cries, which makes me want to cry! i hate giving the bottle. i started taking fenugreek which seem to be helping. i never had this experience before, so its frustrating and upsetting.

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    I can see that you are frustrated! Your baby is frustrated and crying and it is making you cry. You are doing a good job listening to your baby and meeting his needs.

    LLL has found that nursing frequently helps improve milk supply. How often are you nursing? Are you switching breasts at each feeding? How many wet diapers is he having?

    Here is a link on increasing your milk supply. It explains supply and demand- the more baby is at your breast nursing, the more supply you will make.


    Some mothers have found that feeding baby with a supplemental nursing system helps, or replacing the bottle with a cup or dropper encourages baby to suck more at the breast then on the bottle. Could this work for you?

    I hope this helps! You are a wonderful mother and your baby is lucky to have you!
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    Default Re: baby preferrs bottle

    Breastfeeding is a supply/demand situation. You have reduced the demand by giving bottles, so your supply has reduced. Quite frankly, your doctor gave you very bad advice, as so many doctors do.

    You CAN physically provide for him. You will likely need to nurse very frequently for a while to get your supply back up. But it can be done.

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