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Thread: Awful nursing habits

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    Default Awful nursing habits

    My daughter is 7 months old, and her habits while nursing are driving me nuts. At first she would pinch and scratch the top of my breasts to the point where they bruised, so I took to holding her hand. But now instead of doing that, she pinches the back of my arm with her other hand. And I mean she pinches it quickly, unexpectedly, and HARD to the point where I involuntarily cry out and pull her off. Then she starts to cry and often refuses to latch back on after I try to calm her down.

    I was thinking I'd have to try to hold both her arms, but I can't seem to find a position where I can do that. Short of a baby straitjacket, what kind of options do I have? What would you try if you were me?


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    Have you tried a nursing necklace? These are necklaces made for the mom to wear while nursing and the baby can play with them. I know it can be hard. I have a distracted 8 month old! Also do you try to nurse in a quiet dark room?

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    if you can lay down...
    i put my baby's bottom arm in front of him when we lay down, then he cant pinch the back of my arm...
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    Default Re: Awful nursing habits

    Nursing necklace. QUICK!

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    My baby does the same thing. I put a burp cloth/blanket between my body and the baby. I direct her to squeeze the cloth instead of me. It is working!

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