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Thread: ONly nurses Lying Down!

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    Default ONly nurses Lying Down!

    Son will be eight months on the 20th. He refuses to nurse unless we are lying down. Can't take it anymore. Thought he would outgrow it, but I guess I was wrong! What can I do?

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    Default Re: ONly nurses Lying Down!

    How long have you only been nursing lying down? Do you feel like you have a lot of milk?

    Do you nurse in your bedroom, mostly? What if you tried changing his position first, then worked on getting him to let you sit up. Start maybe by putting your arm under his head and bringing him closer to your body. Then maybe work on sitting up a little bit. Keep slowly changing it until you're sitting up in the bed. Then, work on nursing in other locations.

    You could also try: nursing in a sling, nursing in motion (rocking, walking), nursing in a warm bath together, ect.


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