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Thread: Not a strong appetite?(long, sorry)

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    Unhappy Not a strong appetite?(long, sorry)

    OK, my feeding issues are never-ending it seems!

    Our day goes like this, sometimes with a half to one hour variation here and there:

    7am Emma Lynn wakes up and BF
    8am she goes back to sleep
    10am is up and BF
    12pm BF
    12:30pm naps, sometimes,
    3pm BF
    5pm BF and naps
    7pm up and BF
    9pm BF
    10-10:30pm bedtime

    Except for the first feeding of the day, Emma Lynn just doesn't seem to be very hungry. She will latch on and eat slowly but steadily. She has been spitting up a lot. We burp a ton-gas has always been an issue. She spits up after BF and after taking BM in a bottle, which she gets maybe twice a week. My son had reflux and this is nothing like it but she soaks half of her crib sheet when she spits up-I'm doing a ton of wash and lots of rinse off baths for her.

    She had a hard time waking up to eat at birth. She caught on and gained her birth weight back plus 1.7 pounds at her two week check so I am not worried about weight gain as of now. This has only been a problem for the last week. We also have a check up this Wed. so we'll get a weigh-in then.

    I should also add she has only been sleeping through the night for about a week. Maybe she is still adjusting?

    I also realized after about three days of nursing every two hours that I had forgotten to block feed. If I nurse less than 4 hours the over supply comes right back and it did. It dawned on me when her gas started smelling foul. She is always gassy but when I start making too much milk and she gets too much foremilk her gas can knock you out! And she had a green, watery poop today.

    She has never refused to nurse when offered the breast. If I let her nurse on demand I swear she would only eat 4-5 times a day and not have enough wet diapers. But, she doesn't seems very hungry eating every two or three hours right now. So, should I nurse her on demand or keep offering food every two hours and just deal with the excessive spitting up?


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    Default Re: Not a strong appetite?(long, sorry)

    My DD has only recently started to let me know when she is hungry. Before that, she would always nurse when offered, but never made any indication she was hungry. I figured if she'll take it, she must be hungry, so I always continued to offer it. But then she's a tiny one, so I was always worried the Dr. would yell at me that she wasn't gaining enough!

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