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    Hi everyone,

    My DD is now 9 days old and we've had problems feeding from just about day 1. She was born on a Thursday and we were released to go home on Friday afternoon. At her checkup on Sunday she had fallen from 7 lbs 4 oz (her discharge weight) to 6 lbs 13 oz. She hadn't pooped for two days and had only had one wet diaper since we'd left the hopital. I was feeding every 2-3 hours and feedings would last 60 - 90 minutes because I'd think she was done because she'd fall asleep (even after vigorous stimulating) and then she'd fuss and fuss for more (always falling asleep within a few minutes). By Sunday night my nipples were incredibly sore and feeding her was excruciating. At least 5 people had looked at my latch and pronounced it fine.

    At 3:30 Monday morning I fed her and she spit up blood. At that point we panicked and got some formula. She took 2 ounces and promptly fell asleep. The rest of the day I pumped and we gave her the pumped milk and formula, equaling 2-3 oz per feeding every 3 hours or so. I saw a lactation consultant on Wednesday who corrected my latch and diagnosed us both with thrush. Feedings are still frustrating because DD often has a hard time latching on correctly and always falls asleep long before she should be done (and then as soon as I move her she wakes up and wants more to eat) but it's a little better and less painful.

    For the rest of the past week I've been mixing breast, bottle and pumped milk. When I simply give her the breast it is never enough - she always needs 1 -2 oz more. If I have pumped breastmilk I give her that, if not, it's got to be formula. I average 1/4 - 1/2 oz per breast when I pump, and I pump about 8 times a day in addition to bf'ding.

    Frankly I feel *horrible* about giving her formula - I never wanted to go that route. But she's gained some of the weight back, and is peeing more regularly. We're still having some poop issues (none in the last 2 days) but she is happier than before. I am taking fenugreek, drinking lots of water and combining her stimulation and the pump and it's not enough. I'm so upset about this - has anyone successfully caught up from this sort of situation? What did you do? I'm tired of crying over this...

    Thank you so much,
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    I just let my DS stay at the breast when he was awake. It took a few days but with that, and pumping regular ( ever 2-3 hours, and at least once at night) my milk came in in larger amounts..The first 3 weeks were hardest on me, dealing with the same as you, though he wont take a bottle or formula. He was very jaundiced also.
    Using the bottle is not ideal if you are having latch problems... Finger feed, use a syringe, or cup so she can just have ur nipple and not get confused and she can correct her latch. if you arent giving her very much ( one or two oz u say?) after the breast, the syringe might work pretty good. Try to refrai from bottles till 3 or 4 weeks or until she has a good latch.

    What formula are u using? that *might* be why she hasnt pooped I dont know? Call ur pedi, if she doesnt go soon. Can also try sticking a qtip up her butt to stimulate a poo...

    Ohhh and oatmeal helps with milk too.

    Just keep trying, I swear it gets better

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    Default Re: Supply issues

    Sounds to me like you're doing a great job! Just keep doing what you're doing, it will work itself out. And remember, the first several weeks are the hardest. You'll get through it and it will get much better!

    Oh, and the formula may be constipating your LO. You might discuss with your ped trying one that does not have iron in it if it gets to be a real problem. Don't feel bad that you've had to use it though. Feeding baby is the number 1 priority, and a lot of people need the extra help at first!

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    i had to supplement my DS for a couple of days too because he had been loosing weight. Luckily he didn't have any nipple confusion (i nursed and offer him a bottle of formula/BM). My LC recommended that i take fenugreek and mother's tea. i also eat Oatmeal everday (even snack on oatmeal cookies) to help increase my supply.

    I just started yesterday on exclusively nursiong him (no supplements), and so far he's doing ok (i'd like to believe he's doing ok). He wakes up frequently for feeding, but i figured frequent feeding will help stimulate my milk production. I don't have the luxury of having time to pump (i'm usually left alone in the house) so i just let him nurse as often as he wants, oftenyimes an hour.

    don't feel bad about supplementing though. your child needed nourishment and giving him formula would makeher stronger. I know BM is best for the baby but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Just do your best.drink lots of liquid and eat healthy. We need thousands of calories a day.


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