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Thread: Is pain normal in first 30 seconds of latch?

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    Question Is pain normal in first 30 seconds of latch?

    I was just wondering if it was normal for about 30 or so seconds for it to be painful as the baby latches on? He is 2 weeks old and I know he istched on properly I cant really describe the pain but if this is normal when does it go away? And will it always hurt to latch him on in the future if this is normal??
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome smilee761, and congratulations on your new son!

    Ouch! I remember downright toe-curling pain with initial latch-on for the first 3-4 weeks. It gradually got better and within a few weeks I was nursing completely pain-free.

    Pain with initial latch-on is common, especially if you previously had sore or cracked nipples or if your nipples were a bit flat to begin with. An IBCLC in the hospital told me (when I was nursing my newborn son 5 years ago) that with a good latch, any pain fades within the first minute; a bad latch hurts throughout the feeding.

    If your latch-on pain does not begin to improve within another couple weeks, if the pain gets worse or lasts longer than about a minute, or if you see any visible sign of trauma (blisters, cracks, nipple creased or misshapen after nursing) -- these would all be signs of a latch problem, and you might consider seeking hands-on skilled help from a local LLL Leader or IBCLC. But for now, if the pain is fading completely within a minute and if everything is going well otherwise (diaper output, your baby's weight gain, etc.), then this is probably something that will resolve itself soon.

    Many mothers in this situation find their labor breathing (deep, relaxing, cleansing breaths) to be helpful in managing that initial latch-on pain. I know it hurts a LOT, but the more you can relax and breathe through it, the quicker your milk will let down (tension may interfere with the hormonal signals to release milk). Hang in there -- you're doing great!

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    I would use some lansihoh lanolin between feeds, it works wonders

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    My son is now almost 6 months old now, but when I first started breastfeeding him, I too experienced this pain. I was constantly concerned that he wasn't latched on properly and checked with my midwife on a regular basis to ensure that he was latched on, which he was. I also experienced an immediate surge of thirst along with this pain, and my body temperature seemed to soar. I assure you that this pain will pass, and you will even forget about it.

    I now couldn't imagine not breastfeeding my son as it is so comfortable not to mention convenient.

    I hope that this is of some help and assurance.


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    Ahh yes.. the first 3 weeks of BF was like that - when he drew the nipple in it would make my toes curl and I would wince. He had a proper latch - but being I have flat nipples - it was a little traumatic I had some bruising and cracking in the hospital - but like 2 days of Lanisoh and that cleared up. now the only time it hurts at intial latch on is when my DS is asleep and grabs the wrong part of the breast. I have a lovely hickey on my areola today

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    Based on my experience, it is normal. It gets better every day! Definitely use Lansinoh-it really helps! Good luck!

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