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Thread: First screaming fit - scary!

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    Default First screaming fit - scary!

    Tonight my DH and I went to dinner with the in laws and my 3 mo. little boy had a crying fit/meltdown while we were out. I know I shouldn't say this (as I'm jinxing myself), but he never cries. Only times I can think of has been when I burp him between breasts during a feeding and he was hungry and wanted to eat still and not to burp.

    Tonight I was in a hurry to get out of the house and nursed him and attempted to burp him, but he didn't (which happens sometimes). I put him in the carseat and drove to dinner. After about 30 minutes post feeding he started to scream "bloody murder" for the next 20 minutes or so. I thought my husband was going to try and rush him to the ER! I'm almost positive it was gas (he would strain and push against your shoulder when you held him) and eventually after some Mylicon drops, he fell asleep. Thank goodness my MIL was there to comfort my LO and my DH!

    It was frightening to see the little guy's face scrunched up like that, turning red and crying. Poor little guy. My question to others out there is how many people give their LOs Mylicon drops with every feeding or every four hours and how many just give it when they have an episode like that? I'm not a fan of just giving any medication preventatively and especially to a baby. Any thoughts or advice people have been given from their pediatrician?


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    When my LO was first born, she had a certain time of day when it seemed like all the little burps we hadn't managed to get out would gang up on her and make her miserable. For a while we would give her the mylicon before that time of day and it helped until it became easier for her to deal with the gas on her own. If burping generally helps and it doesn't usually pose a problem, there's no need to use the mylicon, but if there are times when your LO needs the extra help, I don't see what the harm is if it makes him feel better.

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    Maybe im a bad mommy, but in late afternoon ( about 3) and till bedtime (9ish) I give my son the mylicon drops with every feeding, its helped him sleep better...sometimes i give him a dose or two early morning ( 6am) if hes straining..

    the drops are safe b.c they arent absorbed into the system...

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    When my LO was around 4 months old nothing worked but the Mylicon drops. I started giving them to her after her two latest feedings of the evening, otherwise she would have pure heck for the night. As the pp mentioned, they are totally safe and they can't OD on them.
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