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Thread: New member & 1st time mom w/ questions

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    Hello everyone. I am a first time mom. I think I over produce milk or have OALD. The thing is, I do not need to wear any nursing pads. I stopped leaking when my son was 1 month old. I read that some of the signs of over producing milk are, milk squirts out some distance while baby feeds, and you can hear "milk hitting the bottom of their stomach" noise. I have a son who is 10 weeks old, and when he feeds, my milk squirts out, and I can hear his stomach. When my milk begins to squirt, I get a mild painful feeling for a brief minute and it goes away. He is a colic baby and has many signs of acid reflux. I want to know if I should pull my nipple out when the milk begins to squirt out and then feed him, or what??? And if I have OALD, what are some things I should do when feeding my baby. I would appreciate any advice given.
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    Does he choke/cough after a few seconds of being on the breast? This is usually a pretty good indicator that you have OALD. When your milk flow is too fast for the baby to swallow.

    My nursing experience with my DS is much different from my DD. For some reason, I have OALD now but didn't when I had my DD. When my DS pulls away from the nipple, I usually use the burp cloth to absorb the milk that is spraying out forcefully until it calms down. Once the flow is slowed down, I will then return the nipple to him for a good feeding. This also helped ensure that he got more hindmilk than foremilk. One good indicator of this is the color of his stool. If he had greenish poop, it meant that he got too much foremilk. Also, OALD causes the baby to suck in too much air which translates to excessive gas. This will definitely make the baby upset and seem colicky. My DD never really burped much but my DS seems to have lots of gas which makes him cry a whole lot more.

    Check out the OALD section of the forum. I was able to find lots of helpful insights that helped me get through my problem.

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    Have you read this webpage?

    I think it might answer some of your questions! Post back with any questions you still have.


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