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Thread: after the 4 month growth spurt

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    Default after the 4 month growth spurt

    i've had an oversupply and OALD and my LO is going through her 4 month growth spurt - feeding every 1-2 hours (where she usually feeds every 3 hrs). before the growth spurt, I still got engorged between feedings and in the mornings (i.e. supply way more than demand).

    during this growth spurt, i've been pretty comfortable.

    does that mean that my supply has now met her demand, or my breasts will finally even out? Or, will her more frequent feedings increased my supply further, and after the growth spurt, I will be engorged again?

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    Default Re: after the 4 month growth spurt

    the same thing just happened to me. it felt so weird not to be constantly sore all day! we seem to be past it now and I feel like it's going back to the way it was.

    Good luck!

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