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Thread: help! callous on nipple

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    hey all, over the past week, Ive developed a callous witha small crack on my left nipple due to an incorrect latch from my 5 week old, and now it seems her mouth just keeps latching on to the callous, and it won't heal : . So Ive alternated and use the football hold on that side, but it still won't heal completely and I think a plugged duct is forming. Also, it seems that the football hold is now the only way I can get an effective letdown on that side. Another thing--now after I drain that boob, the whole breast hurts a bit, for about 10-15 minutes. How do I let that callous heal, so she doesn't keep irritating it? Should I pump that side only, and feed from the other? The thing with that is that she really relies on both breasts at each feeding to feel satiated, and we haven't tried a bottle yet.

    What should I do???!! I know that this can lead to a breast infection, one of which Ive already had. Thanks for any feedback!!

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    i use lanolin too...

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    Hmmm. . . if she's latching correctly, your nipple should heal even with frequent nursing. Are you able to see a LLL Leader (click the link in my signature) or an IBCLC to get some in-person help?

    The breast pain is concerning, and it does sound like you could be on your way to another infection. Here is an article that may help:

    I strongly suggest you get that latch checked out! That will help your nipple heal AND it will help baby to empty the breast more effectively.

    Hang in there mama!
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