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    i believe i have an overactive let down... my son is almost 3 wks old and only will feed for 4-6 minutes often unlatching several times and then refuses to go back will even tightly squeeze lips together sometimes to refuse. when he does pull off i have a strong steady stream of milk. i hear him gulping several times during the feeding and he seems content but i'm wondering if he's getting enough in such a short time. should i try using a nipple shield? he was having a poopy diaper after almost every feeding now it is 1-2 a day however has little poops in each diaper. has 7-8 wet diapers a day i think but they are so absorbent i can't always tell. please help i'm so frustrated and don't want to quit trying but i'm on the verge
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    well sounds like he is getting enough if he has enough wet diapers, here, I had asked about the same thing... http://www.lalecheleague.org/vbullet...ead.php?t=2369


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    You might wish to read over this FAQ:

    Perhaps you could try feeding baby more upright and allow your milk to spray into a towel before latching or when you hear you baby start to gulp?

    If your supply is truly overabundant, there are things you can do to decrease it to a manageable level. My best suggestion is to try the comfort measures first, and if that isn't helping, work on decreasing your supply.

    Please don't hesitate to post with any further questions you have. I know that this situation is very confusing to say the least!

    And please do get in contact with your local LLL Leader! She will be a great source of info and support for you.

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