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Thread: Trouble with the Breast

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    Hand expressing into a coffee cup or something is also an option. It gives you a bit larger target.

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    I know it can be very frustrating, but try to focus on her wet and dirty diapers instead of exactly how well she latched/how long she ate etc. One of my los didn't develop a good enough latch for me to relax till about 6wks. You said she is still interested in the breast? Then all hope is not lost. Sometimes just hanging out skin to skin for a day or two can do a world of good. I mean leave her in her diaper, you naked from the waste up, and lay with her against your breasts as much as possible. If she shows any interest in sucking or makes a move towards your nipple encourage her. I often had to trick mine that had trouble on with my finger, a pacifier, a bottle, sometimes pumping till let-down, it was a constant battle. I don't have experience with flat nipples, but I hope you do have a LC or LLL leader helping you with this, it can make a world of difference. But a general rule with any problem is to bf first, even if you have to use the nipple shield, then pump after if you're worried about keeping your supply up. You only need to supplement if she isn't gaining well, but you'll know based on her diapers. I had to attempt to latch for 5-10 min, if she latched nurse for no more than 20min, then offer her a small amount in a bottle (no more than 1oz), and pump for 10-15min. It was grueling but eventually she was strong enough to do it all herself.

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