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Thread: May not be producing enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tami
    Hi Kate,

    Boy the day is almost gone already and I haven't had a chance to call a Leader just yet but I am still going to.

    I'm a little confused with this info I thought I should be increasing the number of breast feedings?:
    As far as the supplements, you can gradually stop offering them, but there is no reason you have to gradually increase the BF. I would suggest you begin increasing feeds at breast right away. As much as you can and as baby indicates-shooting for that *at least* 8-12 times/24 hours.

    I have increased the breast feedings so far today to 6 and have supplemented 3 times with a total of 5.5 oz and haven't pumped yet.

    The nipple soreness is pretty much better yeah! And thank you for the link I will read that too.

    Thanks for the info on the pump and rental as well I had no idea. I wish I knew half of what I know now, which isn't much, about breastfeeding. For now I will try to just feed and not pump until the supply is better.

    I not only patted my wonderful Hubby on the back for you but I gave him a hug too...but the kiss was from me

    I will keep you posted too.
    I'm sorry I wasn't clear on what I was trying to say Tami. What I *meant* was: You can gradually cut back on supplements if that makes you feel better than doing so more abruptly. But you don't have to gradually add in the feedings. You can just go ahead and raise the number of feeds right away...as in *now*!

    Is that clearer? As soon as you are nursing a lot your milk supply will increase. You shouldn't need the supplements then.

    So at this point you should really be aiming for that 8-12 times/24 hours (at least-more if dd shows the need). If you are nursing her at least this much you should have no reason to continue the supplements much longer.

    It sounds like you cut them back today even more. That's great! Just remember, in order for your breasts to make milk you have to tell them to do so. The way you do that is by removing milk. The more milk you remove from them, the more milk they will make. Supply and demand, isn't it great!

    Hopefullly you will be full force tomorrow and you won't need to pump/supplement much longer.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: May not be producing enough

    Yes that is clearer and I have stopped pumping, we've only supplemented 2.5 oz today (we're on a midnight to midnight schedule), I've breastfeed 7 times so far, and we are doing well with the wet/dirty diapers.

    Also I spoke to a LL leader today and will be attending the support meeting next Monday. I hate to think of what might have happened if we didn't find your site. Thank god we did And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

    Forever grateful,

    Tami, John, and Angel Baby

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