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Thread: Differences in milk produced from each breast

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    Default Differences in milk produced from each breast

    First, let me say that my dd seems very happy nursing from each side. BUT, when I pump while at work I've noticed that the milk from my left breast is not as "milky" in color as my right breast. It looks much, much more watery. Also, my left breast only produces about half as much milk as my right (whether I'm pumping or my dd is nursing). Is this normal and is there anything I can do to help the left side out?? Since the left side looks thinner does that mean it does not contain enough nutrients? Thanks for any input!

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    Default Re: Differences in milk produced from each breast

    Hi there,
    As long as dd has adequate growth, seems satisfied and content, and has plenty of wet/dirty diapers, there is really no need to worry about the differences in the color or appearance of milk.

    Just think, if you weren't pumping you wouldn't know that there was a difference, right? You probably wouldn't know about it enough to even wonder! But since you can see the milk you are curious, as I'm sure anyone would be.

    There is no real answer. It may just be how your body works. It may just be what her needs are. It may just be temporary.

    There is a lot of emphasis placed on the importance of hindmilk, but BF is really so much simpler than we let it be sometimes, KWIM?

    My suggestion is that is dd nurses well with a healthy growth pattern and takes your EBM happily then I wouldn't fret!

    If you would like to increase production on one side the answer is to nurse/pump more on that side. But if dd seems content with how things are right now you could risk creating an over-supply, so you may just want to leave it alone.

    Is this all as clear as mud? Let me know if I can explain it better.


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    Default Re: Differences in milk produced from each breast

    tatemiak, I have the EXACT same thing! When I pump, the milk from my left breast looks like skim milk, and from my right, it looks like 2% or whole milk! And I always get more from my right breast than my left, sometimes twice as much, like you said.

    The only cause for the imbalance I can think of is, I sleep on the left side of our bed, and when I bring DS into bed to nurse, I put him in between DH and I, so I'm nursing him on my right side. Therefore, my right breast is being emptied while the left is not, once a day (usually early in the morning, like 5 a.m.). I try to start the next two feedings on the left but I guess it's not enough to even it out. My breasts look the same in size so I'm not too worried about it.

    As for the difference in the appearance of the milk... I have no clue. Funny that we both have both problems, on the same sides. Are you right handed? I am, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Dominant side of the body, dominant breast.... LOL.

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