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Thread: Jealous 14 mo old

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    Default Jealous 14 mo old

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 14 mo old daughter and 5 week old son. We are having a couple problems with my daughter acting up and are just really not sure what to do about them. She is now throwing all out tantrums when she is told no. She is taking advantage of the time I am nursing to do anything and everything she isn't suppose to. I am wondering if anyone has any sugestions on how to handle...I do not believe in spanking for discipline (but sometimes I would like to)... we try to redirect to something else, but she is a very determined child.

    She is also starting to be very ruff with my son... I do not think she is actually being mean.. just ruff. We stop her imeaditely and show her how to be nice, but it just doesn't seem to be sinking in.

    One last issue. does anyone have a suggestion of things to do with her while nursing. We read a lot of books together.. but part of me feels like I am neglecting her b/c of round the lock nursing. She doesn't really have a long attention span yet, so somewhat at a loss of what to do with her calmly while nursing


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    The things that work for me, with my older one are (sigh) watch a movie together, sit on the floor and build something together (or if you don't have a free hand have her build something for you and praise her for it. I also take coloring books on the ground and sit with her. Basically anything that can be done on the floor with one hand. I hope that helps, but my daughter is quite a bit older than yours so I don't know if it will.

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    Can you give her a snack thats takes a long time to eat for some of the sessions, put on a TV prgram for others, read for others etc??? you know - try and change it up a bit?

    as for the 'roughness' it will come in time if she is told each time how to behave properly ( that is how to touch baby gently- lots of praise mama - lots of it! )

    sorry I cant be of more help - good luck (and congrats on the new little one )
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    give your self a break its a big adjustment.
    Do you have at least one child proof room to nurse the baby in?
    WE used the bedroom. I knew that My 2 year old couldn't get out and I could laydown with the baby and he would not get looose or make a big mess.
    That age is hard.
    get some help! Do you have family near by?
    church family? Anybody that can help?

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    Default Re: Jealous 14 mo old

    I agree with pp. If you can get help.... take it! My sons are 18 mo apart. For the most part I think that when they are so young they have trouble being gentle because they are so impulsive and they still don't have the best coordination. It is frustrating, but I'm sure you 14 mo old will adjust soon. My son did. I use the t.v. too much, but it works for those stressful days! It will get better. I freaked out real bad about 3 months in- thinking there was no way I could manage two- but you can!

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    Default Re: Jealous 14 mo old

    I was just on Kellymom reading something else, saw this link and thought of your post:


    Some of the ideas are obviously for older toddlers, but thought they might give you ideas. Hang in there! I'm on my first, but have watched friends with LOs close together. It DOES get easier!!!

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