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Thread: Preparation Before the Baby Gets Here

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    I bought about 10 maternity bras which switch over to nursing bras after the baby is born and I got them cheap at Wal-mart. They are good quality and they hold me up very well. I first went to Motherhood and their prices scared me. Glad I found these bras because they hold me up (I'm heavy) and they keep me comfy.

    I scanned nursing pads on my registry. I scanned washables...are these good?

    Also my first LLL meeting is coming up this Tuesday.

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    Hello, sorry to write this on your thread, but I am new to the site and I have some questions about preparation as well. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to post my own thread with a question. Anyone that can help me out please do so you can send me a private email if you want. Thank you in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki View Post
    I love the note about your son!!!! It reminds me of my 2 year old daughter- she tells everybody "Baby eat a boobie" and is always getting her dolls to "eat a boobie".

    I so am going to have to use that phrase - too cute!

    Target has great nursing bras, Gilligan O'Malley is the brand. Motherwear.com has some good ones too.

    I second the use of lanolin - I kept tubes everywhere.

    Get a Boppy or a My Breast Friend pillow to help you. A nursing footstool is really a life saver as well!

    A breastfeeding class is great if you can find one. My DH and I went and they had life-sized babies for you to hold and practice the various nursing positions. It was also filled with great info. It was really helpful to have DH go with me, because when we had our own real baby at home, he was able to help me position him just right in the beginning when we were both learning.

    The LLL book Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is great. Dr. Sears' The Breastfeeding Book is really a great how to manual - I highly recommend it!

    Good luck - get ready for the best experience ever!

    Oh, try to block out the negative stuff people tell you. Get the mindset that you are going to make this work and just make it happen!!!

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