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    Hello everyone! I'm new to the website and forum! I'm 34 wks pregnant with first baby and looking forward to BF her as much as I can!!
    Reading the threads has been very encouraging, knowing there is a lot of help out there, with any issues that may appear!! I know it won't be easy, but I'm ready for the challenge!!
    I come from a different culture, and it shocks me how different the aproach to BF is from my friends in both the US and my country of origin.
    The ones from here (US) did not bf at all or only did it for 2 weeks tops, "it hurts too much"(being the most common one) "is time consuming" "I didn't to it with my first one why bother with this one" "baby didn't know how to latch on so I gave up" Some of them switched to formula alltogether, some of them pumped and fed baby with a bottle, until switching also to formula "it's easier"!
    They did not consult any lactation specialist, they did not use La Leche League....
    On the other hand, my friends from my country HAD NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, bf since day one, with none or little pain,babies were healthy and gaining weight, no fussing over bf in public (OMG Heaven forbid you pop a boob in public here, even if you use some cover) and mommies looked great and lost a lot of their pregnancy weight really fast!!

    So, after reading the theads and finding so many of us out here so determined to BF I find it comforting!! Because everywhere else I turn not so much!

    And also I wanted to share some advice I've gotten from the succesful mommies back home: they started nipple massage on their last wks of pregnancy, using a gentle sponge in the shower, and then moisturizing with plain cocoa butter.... I started and already the changes are amazing, the skin is softer than ever, it feels more "elastic", etc.
    has anyone else tried something similar? They also suggested let them be exposed to the sun and air....

    Anyways, thanks for reading!! Sorry if it is too long!!

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    Default Re: Nipple massage

    Hi and welcome to the forum,
    Yes, I`ve heard about breast massage. Before I gave birth to my son I was told to do so by the nurses here in Japan at the hospital. They did not tell me to apply any oils though, only to massage the nipple and the areola every day at least once.
    I`ve been told many times about the merits of formula too. Unfortunately, it still seems to be the norm, rather than the exception. I`m blessed to be surrounded by moms who`ve beastfed or are currently breastfeeding. Mostly young mothers, the older generation is not so encouraging.
    I`m glad you`ve chosen to breastfeed. I`ve been through many nursing strikes and difficulties with my son (now 9 months old), but have never regretted this choice. He is happy and active and very CUTE.

    Mommy to a busy toddler

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    Default Re: Nipple massage

    I did nipple massage while pregnant and I feel like it really helped. I started from the moment I found out I was pg massaging, lotioning, etc. I did all over body, and did not get stretch marks until about 3 weeks before giving birth, and already they are fading. The breast massge def. helped to get the "girls" ready for BF'ing!
    Welcome to the forums...where are you from originally?

    Fancy Momma to the Divine Miss M, 2/15/07 BF'ed for 17 months!
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    Just popping in with a gentle reminder LLL says that there is very little you need to do to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding, other than to check for flat or inverted nipples. Lotions and other creams are not recommended, nor are methods for "toughening" the nipples, exposing them to hairdryers, sunlamps, or anything like that.

    Your breasts do the prep work on their own!

    Hugs to all
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    Hi Thanks for reading!!
    I read in the literature that there is no need for prepping the nipples, but I decided to try it anyways, considering both my friends who did it had very little problems/pain/cracks etc. And so far, I can see the improvement in the skin quality and such!! But thanks for the reminder anyways... we are here to get information and help during this beautiful time.

    I'm originally from Argentina, and moved to the US 6 years ago to marry the love of my life, and future best dad of the world

    Also, I've been trying to pep talk my self, about not being too rigid about BF and give myself some time to "master the art" LOL. Because I know it won't be easy, and I don't want to be dissapointed if my expectations are too high...
    I also know, once I get to experience it it will be the best thing ever...

    Thanks again for reading!.


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    Congrats for breastfeeding! I do hear alot of Moms say "well, if it works it does, if not there is formula". Some feel its no big deal, and thats why I believe alot of people do end up giving up or quitting. You are right, it isn't easy! But I promise after the first 6 weeks it goes MUCH better! I myself, had a lot of problems with latching. My DD wasnt latching on correctly, and for some reason my nipples wouldn't "pop" out, but I don't have inverted nipples. Had to use a nipple shield, my DD lost a lot of weight right away...just went through alot of struggles, but if it weren't for my wonderful Mother, relatives and THIS SITE I think I would have just said "I QUIT!" Ha.

    I hope all goes well for you!!

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