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Thread: Feed every 2 hours?

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    Default Feed every 2 hours?

    My son turned four months yesterday and we had his ped appointment. His weight at two months was in the 90th percentile but at this visit it went down to the 75th percentile. I asked her about this and while she didn't seem that concerned she said to not feed him anymore than every 2 hours. She didn't want him snacking all day long without getting the calories he needed to put on weight. Her theory was that if I waited then after 2 hours he should eat bigger meals.

    I have always feeded on demand and while sometimes he will by himself go 2 hours a lot of the time he wants to feed sooner than that. He usually doesn't spend a lot of time at the breast even when he is very hungry, he is usually done in 5-10 min. I thought what I was doing was working and now it is hard to refuse him when he wants to nurse by waiting until 2 hours have passed. Any suggestions?

    She told me to try this for a week and if it's not working to put him on cereal. I know some babies do fine with this at 4 months but I wanted to wait longer if I could. So any help would be appreciated.

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    Here's my advice: ignore your pediatrician.

    She clearly doesn't understand even the basics of how lactation works. I'm baffled by her logic that feeding him less frequently will get more calories into him. The exact opposite is true: The more frequently you nurse your baby, the higher/steadier the fat content will be in the milk that he gets.

    Our species most likely evolved to have babies nursing briefly about 4 times every HOUR through the day, and several times through the night. Of course, we also evolved naked and practicing hunting and gathering, so some modifications have been made to that "natural" pattern in virtually every society on earth. But what you are doing IS working.

    And dropping from 90th to 75th percentile between 2mos and 4mos is not a cause for concern. Breastfed babies tend to grow faster than average at first, and then slower than average later on. That percentile chart isn't even a good representation of what normal human growth looks like, since its data lump together formula and breastfed infants.

    One more thing -- I'm sure you know this, but for the benefit of other readers who might not -- cereal is the last thing you want to give a baby who is having growth problems (which your son is not, IMHO). Ounce for ounce, cereal has fewer calories, less protein, and less fat than either breastmilk or formula. And that's not even getting into a discussion of the immature gut lining that makes solids risky before about 6 months.

    You might want to think about changing pediatricians. If she's this wrong about infant nutrition, what else is she misinformed about?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessie
    My son turned four months yesterday and we had his ped appointment. His weight at two months was in the 90th percentile but at this visit it went down to the 75th percentile.
    For what it's worth, my 1st dd has always been in the mid-percentile. (I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd dd.) In fact, at her last well-check at 7 years of age, she was in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. (My daughter was a bf baby--'til about 16 months, by the way.) Her pediatrician said there is nothing wrong with that, especially given the fact that her weight and height are in proportion to one another.

    I don't know if you have the option of switching pediatricians or not, but if you are really concerned about this pediatrician's remarks/suggestions, I would definitely at least get a second opinion. What you were told just doesn't sound right to me.

    I know how hard it is trying to follow the advice of professionals, but ALWAYS trust your gut when making any decisions about your child(ren). Many medical professionals had been wrong about things with my 1st dd, and I just knew they were wrong. It took about 3 years for one chronic condition to be diagnosed in my 1st dd, when all the medical professionals kept telling me, "it's just a virus"--from her pediatrician to ER professionals. I stuck to my guns, and finally got her to the specialist she needed. She is doing just fine, now.

    Best wishes to you.

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    Mine has done about the same, not losing weight, but gone from 90 at birth to 75 at 4mo. My ped was not concerned at all, b/c he's still happy, pooping, growing&gaining, meeting milrstones, and being fed on demand. She is young...perhaps more recently educated?

    However, when ds was eating most meals less than 2hrs, the lactation consultant thought he was snacking on foremilk and not gettting to the hindmilk as much. Since I had plenty of milk, she suggested only swiching breasts every 2-3hrs. If he's hungry sooner, I keep offering the same breast to increase the odds of getting hindmilk, but don't ignore his cues. That has caused him to fill up and go longer. But, he still cluster feeds--eats a few times really close together before and after a long sleep at night, or afternoons when I've been overdoing it and not eating/drinking enough myself.

    check out www.ezzo.info for some good articles against too much scheduling. (there was a popular book written by ezzo that caused many bf infants to have failure to thrive, so this website is links to opinions against, inc. APA and other medical professionals) Wonder if you ped believes in those priniples w/o realizing that APA is against them?

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    Just echoing what others are saying. Feeding less frequently will do the exact opposite thing. A full breast=less fat. An emptier breast=more fat. ALSO an emptier breast=faster milk production! If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask.

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    I think your cause for concern (in the weight department) is that you do not understand the percentile concept. If you're son was in the 90th percentile, it means that out of 100 boys, he is heavier/bigger than 90 of them and only 10 are heavier or bigger than him. So dropping to 75 is okay, even being in the 50th percentile is very good because it's average. Studies have shown that most children who are on the heavier end during infancy (up to about 2-3 years old) will most likely be heavier later on in life. I think as long as he is happy and healthy you shouldn't worry about his weight. My son was in the 10th percentile at birth then quickly went up to the 95th percentile by one month. We were very concerned but the doctor wanted us to give him a chance to work it out himself, so we still just fed him on demand and he is now in the 50th percentile (12lbs 6oz) at 2 months. You don't have to start solids right away, most start between 4-6 months. I have no idea about your doctor's comments as I am not in the medical profession. Good luck and keep us updated!

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