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Thread: extremely painful to nurse...

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    Default extremely painful to nurse...

    my DD is 12 days old....in the hospital i nursed her in the middle of the night without a proper latch so got a bad start with blistering and bleeding. The nurse corrected it the next am, and I thought the pain I was feeling was due to the external damage I had done. I kept nursing, with proper latch and even as the wounds healed, the pain continued and got worse. no thrush, no infection. The orig nurse, her pediatrician, and the Lc we called in all said the latch is fine now and our positioning is great. the LC had me pump on one side, saving the milk, letting the breast heal and rest while i breastfed on the other. after 4 days it felt much better and I started dd on the pumped breast. the first 2 feedings were fantastic--no pain or almost no pain! then it got worse..until that night it was worse than before. now both are agonizing and I dont know what to do.

    The LC wants me to pump and feed her breastmilk from the bottle, but I really dont want to do this so young, i am afraid she will not take the breast after. I also wonder if the pain won't just come back, regardless of the time off.

    LC did say that DD has a veyr strong suck/grip.... I notice often my nipple is flattened when she releases it. No new blisters. Lc also thnks that this si a case of me having sensitive skin. I am telling you the pain is veyr severe, I cry and swear nearly every time! I do have cfids and fibromyalgia and I am wondering if this illness is contributing to the pain reaction. if youre not familiar, cfids and fibro cause my body to react to pain quite severely---even a light touch can be painful in the wrong spot during a flare-up. just a theory..I am clueless and really frustrated.

    any info, suggestions would be great. i use lanolin all the time. massage, still pump every few hours form one breast to rest. Ive tried hot and cool compresses.....please help me!!!! i am terrified she wont take the breast if we switch to pumped milk for a week or more....thanks so much!!!

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    If your nipple if flattened, that would indicate that she isn't latching on deeply enough. You might post on the chronic conditions for mother's forum and see if anyone else with your condition can help you out. If you do need to take a break from feeding, you can use other methods than just the bottle. Here's some info about those. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/a...e-feeding.html

    Is the LC you are seeing an IBCLC? If not, it might be worth consulting with one. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I do send encouragement your way. Getting started is rough, but it does get better.

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    dont worry about the bottle feeding, my baby did not latch on to me until two to three weeks ago, I was exclusively feeding her ebm because she was in the nicu for the first two weeks of her like and I had a overactive letdown, which did not allow the baby to get a good grip on me, I thought at one point that she will never get the hang of it and now she is going to be eight weeks and she now will not take the bottle, I guess my breast is softer than the sylicone nipple. Do what feels right to you.

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    I would investigate other feeding methods and if one works for you great, but I also agree that bottle feeding often works just fine. My son starting getting bottles at five days due to major engorgement and while it wasn't how I envisioned everything happening, it turned out just fine. Some babies do develop a nipple preference, but many others go back and forth between the breast and bottle just fine. Of course we were also given a nipple shield for the engorgement so for 4 weeks he used that (which probably made my nipple feel more like the bottle) but then it was easy to wean him off the shield.

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    Hi there

    The flattened nipple is a definite sign that something is wrong with the latch. That's the most likely cause of your pain. As another poster asked, what are the credentials of the LC you're working with? An IBCLC would be best.

    Has your baby been checked for tongue tie?

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