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Thread: sepration anxiety in 21 month old.

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    Default sepration anxiety in 21 month old.

    My son just turned 21 months old, were in the process of moving so dad is not around as much because of working on the house. I took him to a friends house (she has two boys, whom he knows but was never at her house before) so I could work for 1 day and he cried almost the entire time he was there. I took an early lunch and then took him to my brothers so he could play with his cousin. He was better but still whined around for me. He fell asleep stitting in the kitchen up against the door waiting on me. Anyway, now I can't leave him with anyone. He won't even sit with his daddy if I leave the room. How can I explain to him mommy will be back? and its ok to be sad but it will be ok? How so I explain this to a (almost) two year old?


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    Default Re: sepration anxiety in 21 month old.

    Could your sitters come to your present home? The one that is familiar to your child. No doubt your baby knows about the move -- maybe not the details but the emotion of it all. If you can forgo 1 day of work for a bit, invite the sitter over several times while you are there, and after some time... try working your one day.

    Moving isn't easy on anyone.

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