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Thread: a vent-bad week

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    I guess this is my week to be in a grumpy mood all week. DD not napping, and being whiny (she usually isn't) is getting to me. And I am ticked off today. I will post why, although I feel I may get flamed as being too needy.....I am not really just having a bad week. Okay so I had an hour appt today so I asked my mom to babysit. She came 15 minutes before the appt and had to leave 5 minutes after....just enough time for me to get home. She had to go out with my sister. My sister has two children. My parents take them for every weekend and also sometimes during the week. My mom usually will babysit one hour a week for me (verses approximately 30 hours for my sister). Also my MIL will usually watch DD an hour a week. So I should be happy I get two hours a week to do stuff without DD....groceries, appts etc. BUT why doesn't my mom want to watch MY daughter more often? She has mentioned she will do more when I wean (DD is a year and a half and can go quite some time without nursing). Also she spends alot more time with my sister than me. I am just upset.......okay I got it off my chest.....I am just in a bad mood......

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    *hugs* I wouldn't call you needy, I could see how that would upset you, I'm sure it would upset me too, I am sorry you are having a bad week hun, if I lived closer I'd help you out lol *hugs* chin up
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    I know how you feel. My mom watched my sisters daughter all the time and never watched my ds. My sisters younger than me and needed my mom more to raise her daughter, who is now 5. She is a single mom. I felt that she got all of the attention all the time because she was more needy. All I wanted was some time for myself and I hardly ever got it. I think next child I have I'm going to ask more for help from others. I thought that nobody wanted to help me out, but now I know that I could have asked my sister and mom to watch my ds more. It's hard I know. Especially when you need some time for you. I would still ask you mom for help, maybe nurse just before she watches your dd. Hope you feel better. I know a lot of women in the same situation. It'll get better. Love ya

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    Oh my dear! I feel for you! We could swap stories! I have needed my mother more in the past 4 years than in my entire life, yet she has never been farther away!

    My second son was born in September, and my mother has seen him maybe 7 times. We live 15 minutes away from eachother. My brother just had baby #3 and she has seen his kids 4 times since September, and he lives 2000 miles away. She takes a week off work to see him and his children, yet taking 2 hours out of one of her days to see me and my kids just isn't possible.

    My mother in law drives me nuts, but she is a good woman, and I have turned to her. Is there anyone else that you feel you could count on?


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