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Thread: growth spurt?

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    Exclamation growth spurt?

    My lo is 12 weeks. I am wondering when growth spurts happen. She usually eats 8x per day. Since Saturday she has been eating 10x per day. Also, she has been extremely fussy (screaming when put on breast). She will eat for about 3-5 minutes then scream so I take her off, burp, change her (if needed) and try to feed her again. She will usually scream. So, we play, then 30min to 1 hour later she'll be hungry again. Is this how they usually are during growth spurts? How long will this last???? I almost gave in to formula today b/c I just can't take it any longer. She is telling me that she's hungry, but then she won't really eat much.

    Also, I usually am very full in the mornings, but this morning my boobs were flat like they are in the evenings. Is this normal? I pumped one side and only got 1/2 ounce. Yesterday I got 3 oz in the same amount of time at the same time of day. What's going on with me and my baby?

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    This sounds like a classic growth spurt -- more frequent feeding, almost constant cuing to nurse, and breasts that feel like they can't keep up!

    Hang in there. Nursing exclusively and on cue through this challenging period may be exhausting, but it is the surest way to make sure that your milk supply stays in sync with your baby's needs.

    Don't worry about how much you can pump right now or how long your baby nurses at each feeding. Let her determine how often and how long to eat. If you don't have a history of low milk supply, then your body will automatically adjust to keep up with her appetite now ... although it may take a few days to find the new balance.

    How long growth spurts last is quite an individual thing. I recall my son's growth spurts lasting longer as he got older, but I've heard different patterns from other mothers. Try to take it one day at a time and let other responsibilities and activities go while you and your baby ride this one out.

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