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Thread: OAL and Green stools

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    Question OAL and Green stools


    Rylee is 5 m/o. We just discovered and took care of extreme gassiness and OAL through side lying feeding. There was slow weight gain/loss issues that seem to have resovled. However, now I find that are stools are green for the last week or so. About the same time I started feeding her laying down. I do breast massage/compression the best I can one handed. I have to support the breast with one hand and my head with the other.She is feeding much better than she has in the last several weeks so why is her stool green now? It never was when she was eating poorly. She does have the "seeds" still in her bowel...

    Some things that may have contributed to the green?? She has eaten fresh banana, whole grain infant cereal rice/otameal (she does not tolerate well--have stopped it). I cleaned with a bleach and water solution late last week, ate spinach, had a malt beverage on Easter, she has a rash that started as a fungus/yeast infection under her neck from drool...not on my nipple or in her mouth... ummm thats all I can think of. Not sure if any of these may be the culprit.

    Blessing P

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    Default Re: OAL and Green stools

    Green is a normal variation of infant stools so if green stool is the only thing you are seeing, it's not concerning. If there's a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance then those green stools are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as excessive fussiness, gassiness, spitting up or vomiting then it's probably normal. Baby might also be coming down with a virus or if she's teething then that can affect the color of her stools as well.

    That said, you may want to try block feeding to see if that helps

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