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Thread: grabby grabby--boobie jealousy

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    My nearly 3 year old son was weaned at 14 months. He gave up the breast with no fight or urging at that age and seemed to forget about it until his brother was about 6 months old (and breastfeeding). Little bro is now 14 months and bfing. My eldest gets very jealous of his breastfeeding brother--he feels left out. I've tried letting him nurse (he forgot how and isn't really interested in bfing--just wants to know he can if he wants to). I've tried giving more and more and more attention. He constantly grabs and pinches and pulls at my breasts and now has begun to do the same to his grandmothers (and sometimes his Dad, who doesn't even have man boobs). Who's next? He's very jealous and he's taking it out on my breasts. Anyone been there?

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    I have never been there but I have a friend with a 3.5y.o who is preg. with #2 and I bet she will have the same problem.
    Hopefully someone else out there is able to give you some advice so I can pass it on to her.

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    i read in other places that 3 and 4 years age is a diffcult one, kids start to be extra demanding, extra needy, extra fussy act selfish and all of that..my own neice turned inot a mean girl...so i guess ur LO is not really intrested in the boobs or in breastfeeding he is just behaving like his age, madethe boobs his target u know wat i mean..

    check thid thread for more help .

    also this thread in descipling section.


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