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Thread: exclusive bf vs. bf and formula

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    Default exclusive bf vs. bf and formula

    My babe is 5.5 months and exclusively bf. I am considering ceasing the exclusive bfing. I would continue to nurse and pump when I can, but I am looking at options for easing a stressful time. Some breastmilk is probably better than none, but my understanding is that when a baby consumes both bm and formula they are more apt to be gassy and constipated. Is this also true for exclusively formula fed babies? At this point, how much nutrition would baby be missing out on doing half and half? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: exclusive bf vs. bf and formula

    My daughter was on pumped breast milk and formula from about three days old until three months old, when I gave up the pumping and it was just formula. She did not have problems with gas or anything (no more than a normal baby). My son was on breast milk only for about five weeks, and since (he's 10 weeks now) has been on a combination of the two. Again, no problems with gas or constipation. My experience has been that the more breast milk a baby gets, the less they poop in general (frequency - I read somewhere that breast milk is so well digested that most of it is excreted as urine - baby's body uses almost all of it). The more formula, the more poop, and it's also green and thicker and smellier. It's funny with my son, his poops look like a combination of breast and formula poops - green and sticky, but watery and seedy in the middle. Kind of gross, sorry. LOL

    Anyway, I do both and it works well for us. I just have to be conscientious of how much I'm BFing/pumping (writing it down helps) to make sure I don't rely too much on the bottles. Or, if you have a schedule, that might work as well. Like, the first time he wakes up at night I nurse, then the 2nd time my husband gives him a bottle of formula.

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