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Thread: Not enough nursing?

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    Default Not enough nursing?

    My 6wk old DD seems very uninterested in nursing. She pushes away from the breast and gets very upset while trying to nurse. She's never been a "big eater" but has tons of wet and dirty diapers every day! She doesn't nurse for very long (maybe 10 minutes) on one side at a feeding, and then will go for at least 3-4 hours before the next 10 minute feeding on the other side.
    Is this a normal feeding pattern for a baby at 6 weeks?
    I was worried that maybe I have OALD with the way that she fusses at the breast.

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    Have you tried taking her off during let down to see if you have OALD? That could cause her to be fussy and you saidyou were worried about it. DS used to be fussy at the breast and I'm almost positive it was from my OALD.

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    She may be going through a growth spurt. My LO did something similar around 6 weeks. She was fussy at the breast and wouldn't eat for long. After a few days, she was back to her boob lovin' self. As long as her output is good, I think you're probably okay.

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