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    is it normal for a baby who is 7 weeks and a half to eat from 1 breast for 10 min. after that he sleeps for an hr then wake up 2 hrs from beginning of feeding to eat more but not more than 10 min at a time. he gets a lot of colics and also he has reflux and he s getting medications. he is too irritable and cries a lot. at night he also does the same maybe extending to 2 and ahalf he. I just want know it is ok.
    I start work on monday full time job and i am sleep deprived . is it going to change.
    he will slepp more if iput him on my belly.
    any suggestions

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    I dunno if this helps- dyl sleeps better on my belly too.and he does only eat off one side at a time. if i try to switch him, he turns into quite the little monster.
    dyl is on a lot of medication, but the thing they gave him for colic you can buy at wal;greens and it helps a lot. its called hylands colic tablets.i drop 2 in like an ounce of bm and that helps.i know you can give them more, but i hate giving dyl meds.at the very least, it helps with the gas in their tummies better than the prescription they gave him for that.
    i hope that helps. im pretty sure its normal though.f you are worried, id compress the side hes drinking out of to speed up the outgoing a little, and maybe wake him up.

    as for the drinking one side, i wear a scrunci on the side opposite the side he fed last on, to try to keep it even.

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