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Thread: trouble with feeding

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    Many babies will take a bottle when it is offered, whether they are really hungry or not. And what you pump isn't necessarily a good indicator of what you're actually producing.

    Have you had any days where you didn't supplement? How many wet and dirty diapers did your baby have on those days?

    I'm still going to strongly suggest you see someone in person.

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    hi jen! Ladies of this forum!

    I saw an LC today and she was happy to see that Jacob latches on well and has good sucking skills even if the bottle was introduced. Jacob has actually reached his birth weight (yehey!). He is actually getting 1.5 oz of BM from nursing, which means that the supplemental feeding of formula is now just "extra" milk for him. She recommended to slowly cut down the formula (Jacob gulps down 2 oz per 2 - 2.5 hr feeding) to 1 oz, and pump milk at least 4x a day after nursing and give the pumped milk as a supplement instead of the formula. Our goal is to increase my milk supple to 2.5 oz (or more) by next week so we can take away the supplements. I'm taking fenugreek now and drinking tea to help increase my supply.

    Thank you for all the support! was about to give up on BF because i got worried about his weight.

    Gabe and Jacob's Nanay

    Gabe born on September 07, 2004

    Jacob born on May 29, 2007

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