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Thread: Pumping at 2 weeks?

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    Default Pumping at 2 weeks?

    I started trying to pump at about 1 week postpartum with my Medela Pump in Style and was only able to get a few drops at first. I have trying it every day and now I can get 1.5 oz at one time. Is this normal? Each time I pump I get a little more, but I am worried by the time my DS is 8 weeks I won't be able to pump enough for his caregivers while I am at work. Does being able to pump a lot take time or should I be concerned?

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    I wouldn't worry about it right now. When you're nursing a baby full time, you may not be able to pump a lot, but once you're away from the baby you'll be able to pump more. (B/c baby is not drinking all your milk all day.)

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    At two weeks, your baby's stomach is still very small so you aren't producing huge amounts of milk since DS's stomach can't hold huge amounts at one time. When and how often are you pumping? Is it after DS feeds? You can usually get the most in the early morning when your supply is naturally highest.

    I think it sounds like you are doing fine. Remember too that you'll be able to pump more when you are away from DS and you really only need a small freezer stash because once you start back to work you'll give DS fresh milk from the day before that you pumped. I have only used frozen milk on the first day I went back to work.

    Be careful at this early stage to not pump too much or it can cause an oversupply. That happened to me. Although I am thankful to have an oversupply problem and not the opposite--an undersupply.

    Good luck!
    Mom to Alyssa (11/26/05)

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