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Thread: Baby not taking to breast feeding

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    Default Baby not taking to breast feeding

    Hi, my friend had a baby 3 weeks ago and the baby will latch and then come off in a few minutes. My friend is pumping and giving her breastmilk through the bottle. It sounds like she is giving up getting the baby to nurse and plans to pump for the year, is this possible? She also is getting sick of pumping so frequently and is trying to, as she says it, "train her breasts" to pump more at a pumping session. Is this possible when her baby is just 3 weeks old? If the baby was nursing she would be nursing every 2 hours. I was just curious.

    Thanks for your time!

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    It IS possible to pump and feed expressed milk for that long, but many of the mothers who do it would MUCH rather be feeding baby directly from the breast.

    I'm concerned about your friend saying that she's going to "train" her breasts to go longer between feedings. This is almost certain to cause a dip in her supply. The best way to keep/improve a milk supply is to frequently remove milk from the breasts. If she goes longer between pumpings, she may notice an increase in her output at first, but her supply will quickly drop after that.

    HTH. Please send her our way. We'd love to help her with breastfeeding in any way we can!
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