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Thread: Low supply in one breast only

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    Default Low supply in one breast only

    Help! My son is 23 days old and I still seem to have a low milk supply in my right breast. I alternate breasts when nursing him, but he often seems frustrated when nursing on that side and I never get nearly as much from that breast as I do the left one when pumping. Is there a way I can increase the supply on that side? Thanks for any and all responses/ideas! I've found the forums really helpful so far.

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    Here is a link to kellymom...It give ideas of building up your supply in one breast.



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    That link will help. I just wanted to say that most of us a lower supply on one breast verses the other. It does even out some with some work. I always had one that was a little smaller than the other, but as she got older, she learned to deal with it, and all was fine. Best wishes to you!

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    Can you tell how your baby is latching onto that one breast? Is there a difference in the nipple on that breast?
    Have you considered doing breast compressions while your baby is on that breast? Squeeze gently during active sucking, and pause when your bb pauses.

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