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Thread: 2 week old eating habits

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    Default 2 week old eating habits

    My son is having great diaper output, but I'm wondering about something...All the things I've read say "when baby is finished with one breast, offer the other"--my baby finishes one breast, then the other & sometimes repeats for a total of 6 breasts. Other times, he is satisfied with one breast or wants the other side, too. Is this cluster feeding or does this mean that my breasts are not producing enough milk?


    He is also above his birthweight.

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    Default Re: 2 week old eating habits

    At two weeks it could also be a growth spurt. Your lo will make sure your breasts make enough milk for him, and if that mean switching several times, that's okay. It's normal for them to have different feeding patterns at throughout the day.

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    Default Re: 2 week old eating habits

    Sounds like a growth spurt to me! That is, is he actively swallowing and feeding the whole time? If not, it could easily be comfort sucking, too.

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    Default Re: 2 week old eating habits

    Many babies will have a "cluster feed" session like this once or twice a day, and as the PPs have said, they'll increase during a growth spurt. If he's got good output, he's getting enough to eat

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